I do most of my spinning using an Ashford Traditional spinning wheel and this is it.   A Workhorse.  Sensitive and Versatile.  And it’s why I chose to sell Ashford wheels.

photo of my Ashford Traditional spinning wheel
My favorite wheel - the Ashford Traditional

I prefer the single treadle because it’s easy for me to change my position at the wheel – which is especially important when I’m spending several hours a day spinning.  I also think the double treadle makes it too easy to treadle really fast – which is not necessarily a good thing – especially for beginners

On the other hand – I have two wheels I use for plying – both with double treadles. I use this Countryspinning wheel to ply my Super Bulky yarns.

photo of Ashford's "Country Spinner", spinning wheel
The Ashford Country Spinner

And this  Traveller – set up with a jumbo flyer for plying bulky, worsted, sport, or fingering weights of yarn.  The larger capacity bobbins on both of these wheels let me make nice big skeins – with no knots!

photo of Ashford Traveler spinning wheel, single drive with Jumbo flyer
The Ashford Traveler, single drive with "jumbo" flyer and bobbin

There are lots of other cool tools and I’ll be including more photos soon.

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