About Pine Ledge

The name I chose for my home business has a lot to do with my surroundings –  where I find myself and what engages me.

Outside there are enormous pine trees (maples, too) and large expanses of rock poking out of the ground.  Inside there’s yarn.  Lots and lots of yarn.  In various stages of development – requiring a good deal of  handling.

I’m the yarn handler.

And I live and work in a quiet rural farm community in Northern Vermont – about 90 miles from Montreal.  Where the winters are long,  and the summers are worth waiting  for.

It’s where I spin, weave and dye – and occasionally make time to write about things that interest me.

Photo of small floor loom and a spinning wheel, Pine Ledge Fiber Studio, Fairfax, VT.
My first loom – a 27″ Leclerc Counter-Balance Fanny and my first wheel an Ashford Traditional. Photo by Joanne Littler, Pine Ledge Fiber Studio

The space is shared with family members, pets and assorted wildlife.

Our  laundry room  converts into a dye studio – and much of the living space has been appropriated for use as  office, classroom, photo studio, workroom and  central ‘hub’ of my business.

Spinning wheels move from room to room, but the looms have a room of their own  – with a view.

Do I have an incredibly supportive, understanding and otherwise terrific family?    You betcha!

Calling this a studio may not describe what other people see.

But it works for me.

Joanne, Pine Ledge Fiber Studio