Handspun Handwoven

I consider myself a skilled crafts-person rather than an artist.  The art vs. craft debate falls into a category I call:  “not important, doesn’t matter, and I don’t care”.

But Webster’s Dictionary defines art as:  the quality, production, expression, or realm of  what is beautiful or of more than ordinary experience.

So I’ll go out on a limb here and say:  the fabrics I make with handspun yarn are my art.

Not fine art. But definitely more than ordinary.

They represent the relationship I have with fiber – what I know about it, what I like about it, how I enjoy using it, and what I want it to do for the person who wears/uses it.

These fabrics are made from scratch – I spin the yarns myself using an Ashford Traditional spinning wheel.

The work required to create handspun handwoven fabrics taught me the meaning of exquisitely slow.

I’ve grouped the fabrics according to fiber type:  Cashmere, Cotton, and a Merino Wool/Silk blend.  More/other/additional fibers and fiber blends will be included as soon as they’re finished.

If you want to experience fabrics that are more than ordinary – please contact me for information about how to purchase my work.

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