Hand Dyed

It can happen almost anywhere – in any place and at different times, – and you can do it more than once.

When you decide to use your own colors, you get to choose what, where, how and when to add it (or take it away).

I use Pro-Chem dyes – MX Fiber Reactive Dyes (for Silk, Cotton, and other cellulose fibers) and Sabraset Dyes (for Cashmere, Silk, Wool, Angora and other protein fibers).

The Silk Scarves I dye are from Dharma Trading Company.

Since both types of dye work well on silk, the scarves offer a great way to experiment with a wide range of techniques.

As I continue gaining experience mixing and applying dye to fiber, fabric and yarn, more of my own yarns and fabrics will be included on these pages.

If you’re interested in DIY.  Check out the links to suppliers on this page and my Resources page (coming soon) for book recommendations.

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