Exquisitely Slow

– was an idea I had about weaving and spinning – and the original name for this blog/site.

But I decided it was too confusing and difficult to connect those words with what Pine Ledge Fiber Studio  was all about  – so for a long time I tried to make  Exquisitely Slow  an entirely different website.

It was up and running,  and then down and demolished (because it got hacked).   A bully at the playground wrecked my little toy house made out of sticks.  And it wasn’t fun anymore.

When things go wrong it’s easy for me to get discouraged.  My enthusiasm wanes.  My mood darkens.  And I feel like giving up.

Thankfully there are plenty of other fun and interesting things to do when I don’t feel like venturing out into that particular playground.  Things that revive, replenish and renew my spirit.  Or, at the very least, help lighten my mood.

When I’m ready to stop doing some of the other fun and interesting things I’ve been busy with, (like learning how to build with bricks?) I’ll get back to assembling pages and posts at  joannelittler.com.

In the meantime, I need to keep reminding myself that making something – anything – takes time.  It’s personal.  And it’s a process.  Whether it’s through missteps, baby steps, giant steps, sidesteps or by not taking any steps at all – there’s always something to learn.  And learning is what makes us who we are.

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2 thoughts on “Exquisitely Slow

  1. I have thoroughly enjoyed taking Joanne’s rigid heddle classes over the past four weeks. Working together one-on-one, for four+ hours provided the intensive instruction, time and planning, that learning to weave requires. Joanne is very talented and generous about sharing her vast knowledge about weaving. I am hooked!

    1. Thanks Janice! You’ve worked very diligently, shown great progress and produced some lovely fabrics. I hope you feel confident in your ability to continue with your adventure in good weaving.

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