Fall Open Studio Weekend

The Vermont Crafts Council is presenting the second Fall Open Studio Weekend, October 6 & 7.

As a participant –  in  addition to having my space open to the public with spinning and weaving demonstrations – I’m also having a sale.

You can preview the items included by going to www.joannelittler.com.
As of this moment, the list is not complete. But now that I’ve done the mailing  I can start setting things up.
Image of the postcard sent from Pine Ledge Fiber Studio

If you get this postcard from me about Open Studio Weekend, and have questions about any of the items listed for sale, you can email me.
And you can reserve an item you’d like to buy by sending me a message to that effect.

If you didn’t get a card and would like to receive future actual in-the-mail mailings – you can do that,  too – by sending me a message.  (The first 10 people who give me their names and snail mail addresses will receive a hand-dyed fabric greeting card as a thank-you.)  U.S. and Canada only please.

You can also ask to be removed from the mailing list – same place, send a message.

Someday soon I’ll start an email list.  For now it’s strictly snail mail.

And I know there are easier, more elegant ways of handling communications and signing up for things on-line.   I’m getting there. Slowly.

I also know it’s no small thing to give your name and address to a virtual stranger.  But if you’re already on my list, you know that I rarely send out a mailing of any kind – email or otherwise.  So don’t even imagine you’ll be inundated with scads of junk mail or spammy stuff.  We all have better things to do.

A few of you might have gotten a handwoven Christmas Card. ( If you didn’t and might like to get one, you can send me a message saying you’d like to sign up for snail mail and include your name and address.   (I’m planning to make at least 5 extras this year so your name will go into a hat for a random drawing.)

I have to admit,  contacting people who might be interested in hearing from me  has never been at the top of my to-do list – for a variety of reasons – most of which are pretty lame.

So as part of my program to recover from lame-ness, I’ll be building a new website and learning how to stay in touch.

In the meantime, thanks for your patience.

I gotta go work on a display for Open Studio Weekend.

Joanne's blog signature, Pine Ledge Fiber Studio


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