Taking Leave

Photo of daffodils & study tools
Restful Study Flowers

It’s official.
For the 2012 season – this summer market season –  I’m off.
My market experience will be as a customer this year.

Technically, I’m on sabbatical – with a booth space reserved for 2013.  And (no surprise) the current relationship I have with Webster’s Dictionary compelled me to look that word up.

Webster tells me sabbatical is an extended leave – for “rest or study”.
I intend to do both.

Rug making, rep weave, and  log cabin designs have my attention at the moment.

Several new-to-me yarns from Henry’s Attic are making their way into project plans.

Ashland Bay has new fiber I’m eager to spin and weave – especially the new colors in their merino-silk blend  –  likely additions to my line of shawls and scarves.

And with warmer weather on the way I’ll be moving outside with dyes: trying out a few new techniques and applications;  fine tuning some of the color combinations I like best; and practicing on my handwoven fabric.

At the same time I’m continuing to review, renew, re-write, re-weave, and re-work several Rigid Heddle projects – hoping to give students in my Beginning Weaving class some additional choices and offer some of these new projects to a larger audience of RH weavers.

I’m also trying to develop a better working knowledge of how to use and maintain a website/blog.

As for vending at the Burlington Farmer’s Market, it means I’m not.
Not this summer.
And not having to wake up at 4:15 Saturday mornings?  That’s part of the “rest”.

This summer I’m looking forward to shopping there.
More than a quick dash away from my booth.
An actual jaunt.
Maybe even a saunter.

I’m looking forward to seeing how the new ‘footprint’ of the market works for both customers and sellers.  This larger space includes a section of St. Paul St.-  closed to traffic – with vendors lining both sides of the street.

More space means more vendors – 90 this year!   Vermonters selling what they grow and make – fresh produce, meats, cheeses, beverages, prepared foods and handmade crafts.  The market keeps growing – changing, improving and expanding – bringing more good things into the mix.

Better and better.  Every day  in every way.

And that sentiment is guiding my choice as I take my leave this year.
It’s time for me to look forward and include more good things in my spinning, weaving and dyeing – things I can share with an incredible group of individuals who enjoy, encourage and support the work.

I appreciate the opportunity.
And promise to post my progress.

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