Yes – to Market Tomorrow

But who knows after that?

October can be a wicked month – like April can be cruel.

A few years ago, we had a significant snowfall around this time – enough to close the Notch early.  (Several YouTube videos show people driving this tricky, twisted mountain road, – take your pick, but I like this one).

The Fall Foliage ‘peak’ is later than usual this year – good news for everyone able to take advantage of the sunshine and warm weather we’ll have for the next several days.

And that makes it sound like this week-end we’re in for a treat – even if our fingers need mittens in the mornings as we scrape frost off the windshield.

So come to the Burlington Farmers’ Market tomorrow (or visit the farmers’ market nearest you).  Enjoy these beautiful fall days and support the people who grow your food.

I intend to scoot out of my booth long enough to do a bit of pre-holiday shopping – stocking up on some of the things that make great additions to a ‘Made in Vermont’ gift basket.

Since the weather forecast I’ve seen only extends to next Wednesday – who knows – by next weekend there could be snow.

Joanne's blog signature, Pine Ledge Fiber Studio

P.S. I promised several customers that I would post my intentions each week (to let them know whether or not I would be at Farmer’s Market).  It’s been a good practice – helping me get into the habit of writing something – anything, on a regular schedule.  But now that the season is winding down, my focus will be on actual spinning, weaving and dyeing – rather than me obsessing about the weather.  First up will be some posts about weaving with handspun yarn.


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