Slow Down and Pay Attention

Sometimes it seems like moments just whiz by.

Photo of red leaves along roadside in Vermont
On the verge - Fairfax, VT

Maybe it’s because it’s easy to let the intention to “be present”  get lost in a kerfuffle of  stuff – all the things we have going on – either ahead of us, or behind us.  What we think is important.

Maybe we forget it takes practice to learn how to pause, observe and enjoy what is.

photo of tree with bright red leaves
A brief peak

This week I was reminded about over-doing and getting ahead of myself.

The way I see it now – digging up rocks and breaking up clay to make room for daffodils –  and then using heavier weights when I exercised – those two things might not have been the straws that injured this camel’s back, (although maybe they contributed).

I believe it was my state of mind – my not paying attention – not being present  – being ‘off’ somewhere in my head – fretting – and hurrying to finish what I was doing in order to take care of something else –

I think that’s what clenched the deal.
(And yes, I meant to spell it with an ‘e’).

Anyway, that’s my long way of saying I won’t be at Farmer’s Market tomorrow, regardless of the weather.

It’s  also my way of saying I’m sloooowly figuring out how to get (and be) better and better every day in every way.

– With great expectations for being present at Market next Saturday.

In the meantime, I hope you take advantage of a very special ‘good for a limited time only’ opportunity to participate in the annual event called leaf peeping.

Photo of red leaves on maple tree
Near peak

You might find yourself wanting to slow down and pay attention.  (Most other folks out on the road will understand – especially if your license plate is from out of state.)

photo of cow at the side of the road
Cow on the verge, Fairfax, VT

Look around.  Be the peeper.

Because the leaves are putting on quite a show.
“Real purty” as some might say.
(Just like that flower bed is gonna be, come Spring.)

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