Ready For Wool?

Too soon to think about cold winter mornings?

Change is definitely in the air – but since tomorrow’s forecast is for temperatures in the upper 70’s and low 80’s, I’m not expecting a mad rush for my handspun hand-knit hats.

However, –  since people are already starting to choose colors,  I plan to bring more of a selection along with me to Farmer’s Market  tomorrow.

Also new for the booth – a bulky-weight merino/cashmere handspun yarn.
And, – in response to requests for “narrow”- some recent weaving experiments.  Including a few with hems instead of fringe.
(if I have time to “do” photos, I’ll add something here)

I have more to say about the controversy surrounding this issue of hems vs. fringe. (Hey! – this is important – when’s the last time you tried to untangle a snarly mess at the ends of your scarf,  tie,  blanket or shawl?)

But for now I’ll just say – I’m taking a closer look at what it is I usually do, when, and why;  asking myself whether doing something different is both possible and worthwhile;  and wondering how that difference might alter the usefulness (and perception) of a particular thing.

Like I said – change is in the air.
Don’t you just love August in Vermont?

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