New In The Booth This Week

With a delightfully clear forecast for Saturday, and my crew available to help set up and tear down the booth, I can confidently say:  I’m planning to be at market this week.

And in response to comments and suggestions from customers – these three new pieces will be on display:

Photo of cotton and rayon shawl, handwoven by Joanne littlershawl
Black Cotton and Rayon Shawl, 74"x18"
Photo of Merino Wool and Mohair Shawl Handwoven by Joanne Littler
Multi-color Shawl, Merino Wool and Mohair, 71"x18"
Photo of narrow handwoven scarf, with handstitched hems.
Handwoven Cotton and Rayon Scarf, Approximately 64" x 2"

The input I get from people visiting my booth is an incredibly valuable resource  – and often exactly the gentle nudge I need to act on an idea, or work through a plan that hasn’t yet made it to the top of my ‘to do’ list.

When someone asks about what they don’t see – “Do you have this is in black?” or “Can you make one without fringe?” or “Are there any of these with more than one color?” – I can answer with a simple “no” – or, I can consider the possibility – take the opportunity to hear more about they have in mind – expand my plan – and include their ideas in what I choose to work on.

It can’t always be ‘next’ – and it may be beyond the scope of my personal syllabus.  But when a comment or question lines up with something I’ve been wondering about, or thinking about, or trying to decide whether or not to ‘do’ –  that’s when thoughts turn into things.

So a great big thank-you to those of you who take the time to share your ideas!
I hope to see you this week.

Joanne's blog signature, Pine Ledge Fiber Studio


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