Condiment Time

Necessary for playing catch-up – (and a few other things worth relishing).

I won’t be at market this week.
My helpers need to be other places – and I have customers waiting for specific fabrics.

I’ll be getting caught up instead.
Weaving,  and making sure I have all the ingredients on hand for soft snugly warm wool hats like this:

Photo of merino wool hat handspun and handknit by Joanne Litttler
"Sunflower" Hat, 100% Merino Wool, Handspun and Hand Knit by Joanne Littler

Because I’m already getting questions about colors and availability.

Does it seem incredible that people are willing and eager to try these on when it’s 80 degrees in the shade?

Yes.  It is incredible – and, pardon my regression: – totally awesome.

So  – while I won’t be in City Hall Park tomorrow to see if the attraction still holds when it’s 90 degrees the shade – I will be spinning for what lies ahead.

Joanne's blog signature, Pine Ledge Fiber Studio


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