Rainbow Warp on a Rigid Heddle Loom

Instead of the usual pressing, packing, and preparing for Market on Friday,  I spent a few hours dressing this rigid heddle loom.

Photo of rainbowcolored warp on small rigid heddle loom
Rigid Heddle loom ready to weave

It’s a 16″ Ashford – one of the ones I use to teach beginning weaving.

And while I don’t normally weave on a RH loom, it offers the perfect solution because:

  • My other looms are literally tied up with other projects.
  • It’s small and easy for me to bring along if I decide to demonstrate weaving somewhere (like at Farmers’ Market)
  • I can indulge in the pleasure of weaving outside on a summer day.
  • It makes a beautiful wall hanging whenever I’m not weaving.
  • It’s fast and easy to set up, so I can get information about an idea sooner than if I wait to use a floor loom.
  • With the majority of my work destined for sale,  I can have a separate project that’s  just-for-me.

And yes, it is raining again.

So this perfectly simple little loom will stay inside today.  And after I weave a few inches just-for-me, it can hang on a wall.

All dressed up (like a rainbow) – and ready to go.

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