Lightweight Cotton Scarves

Photo of hand dyed blue and natural cotton fabric on weaving loom
Hand Dyed Cotton, blue and natural, tied resist. Hand dyed and handwoven by Joanne Littler, Pine Ledge Fiber Studio

This is one of my favorite fabrics.  It’s 100% cotton and hand dyed to create a random plaid effect.   And it’s fun to weave because the pattern is so irregular.  Areas of color and no-color seem to appear out of nowhere with each pass of the shuttle.

Finished  dimensions:  78″ x 13  1/2 “.   What I would call a wide scarf.  It works well as a pulled-through-the-loop neck piece and equally well as a narrow shawl.

The same lightweight cotton yarn is also quite beautiful in its natural, un-dyed state.   Against the dark background you can see the thick and thin threads crossing each other –  creating pattern in this plain weave fabric.

Photo of woven fabric, natural cotton, with slub yarn creating plaid effect.
Pattern created by the yarn itself, 100% cotton, woven by Joanne Littler, Pine Ledge Fiber Studio.

I’ve woven two of these  natural color pieces to sample for length.  One will remain as-is and the other I plan to dye.

Joanne, Pine Ledge Fiber Studio


2 thoughts on “Lightweight Cotton Scarves

    1. That’s exactly it! It’s pretty amazing what can happen when you give a person a loom and some thread. Most of us are familiar with fabrics that are part of large commercial industries. But in the hands of an individual, where time is not the enemy – cloth making becomes an entirely different enterprise. It’s slow work. But full of opportunities to explore and create. Thanks so much for your comment.

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