Why Handspun?

Handspun Handwoven Cashmere Silk Shawl
Cashmere and Silk Shawl, 84" x 13", Handspun and Handwoven by Joanne Littler

Handwoven cloth is pretty special all on its own.

Sometimes pretty.  Often remarkable.  Possibly spectacular.

But always, always special.

Using yarn you’ve spun yourself in your weaving, can change your fabric from special to downright unbelievable.

Really.  Tell someone (provided it’s true) that you used a spinning wheel to make the yarn for your handwoven  fabric.

Chances are, unless you’re surrounded by spinners and weavers at a fiber arts gathering,-  that person will gaze at you in disbelief.  They may not immediately understand, and they may appear puzzled.

Which gives you the perfect opportunity to share.

Whip out a picture of your spinning wheel, let them feel a bit of the fiber, hand them a skein of the yarn you made.  Use your words to explain how it works.

You can change the impossible, fairy tale thing they’ve only seen in a museum into something that seems a little more real, maybe even … possible!

I’m willing to bet they’ll be impressed.

Why does that matter?

Why would you bother?

I’d love to hear what you think.


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